Balance in Real Life

Let me start by wishing you all the best for 2015. This video is giving you all the A-Z of my wishes for you for 2015.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ve probably noticed that the last 2 weeks I wasn’t blogging.

This is against my “religion” and definitely goes against everything I teach. I started this Blog on February 16, 2011 and in all this time I didn’t miss even one week of a post. That’s because I believe in consistency and in making sure my audience gets what they need and want. Continue Reading →

What Will You Ask Santa for Your Business?

I’ve been so busy the last few weeks; I have not noticed all the big bright lights that suddenly appeared in the streets and in the shops. My mind was all the time racing against time of managing to finish all the projects I had planned to do before the end of the year.

Only a few nights ago as I was walking through the shopping mall have I started noticing all the wonderful bright lights and the atmosphere of Christmas.

I took 5 minutes going down that famous guilt trip when I decided to quit that journey and instead create a list of people I need to get them presents and start doing it.

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Ground Rules for Successful Joint Ventures

Have you heard the phrases: “If you can’t beat them – Join them”? or: “two heads are better than one”? and the last one which I love: “United we stand”?  What do they all have in common?

Joint Ventures!

Joint venture means two businesses partners join together to create a win-win-win situation for both parties AND their clients.

Most small businesses keep struggling, because they operate as an island and do not take the advantage of joint venture deals with other businesses and becoming profitable.
Creating Joint Ventures is without doubt the fastest way to grow your business because someone else has already done the gathering together of the target market.

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Clarify Your Clients Question

ask your clientsI normally encourage you to ask powerful questions in order to get better results.
As a result of it I receive a huge amount of questions concerning women issues and women entrepreneurs.

What I discovered was that although women are praised for having great communication skills and are strong at verbal expression, when it comes to asking a powerful question concerning their business they miss the point.

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5 Secrets to Creating Money-Making Relationships

This weekend I’m giving one of our most successful course, Financial Freedom Intensive. When it comes to financial freedom what people usually miss is that the only way for you to get more money into your life is through… other people.

The question is – why would other people give you their hard earned money?
Only one answer – because you give them value!

In order for people to be willing to recognize that you deliver them value with your product or service – they need first to know you, then, like you and then, trust you.

For that to happen you need to create a relationship with them. It doesn’t matter whether it is your customer, supplier, employee or even your boss – you’ll need to create a relationship with them which in the end will be a money-making relationships. Continue Reading →

30 Things You Must Know About Your Clients

I always urge you to find out more about your clients – by using the simplest tool in the book – asking them.

I don’t know how many of you actually went and did it, but if you did not, then you are missing the most important part of this blog – IMPLEMENTATION.

What’s the point of reading information if you are not going to use it???
Knowing more would not make your business grow.
Knowing more would not create for you a more balanced life.

You need to take the action and do something with what you’ve learned in order to see change.

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Listening From The Heart

Those that have been to our live events know that our main dream and vision is to change the education system in the world to a one that would be empowering children to fulfill their potential and not of one that is focused on teaching them facts and figures.

One of my favorite movies on a teacher that I would love to have in this type of school is the one for the movie Freedom Writers. The teacher in the movie demonstrates one of the most important qualities that every leader should have and it is – Listening.

In the movie the teacher, Hilary Swank, realizes that she has no clue about her students’ world and, therefore, instead of teaching by speaking to them and coming from the all knowing position of authority, she realizes that if she wants to help those kids to learn and grow she will need to do it in a different way than the “old school methods”. Continue Reading →

All You Need is Love… Really????

Do What You LoveAre you part of this trend that says that all you need to do is “do what you love” and the money will follow?

Research shows that the young generation is totally focused on doing ONLY what they love. Endless research proves that in order to motivate the young generation the incentives need to be different than just a higher paycheck or security.

People are looking for projects that would ignite their passions and that would allow them to do what they love.

Ever since I remember myself I used to say that I don’t care how much you pay me, as long as I’m doing what I love the money is not really important for me. The result was… I was broke! Continue Reading →

Who’s Afraid of Business Budgeting?

Who's afraid on MathThe answer to the above was for many years, me.

If you read my book Financial Independence for Women”, you know that anything that had to do with money, budget or any type of numbers would scare the hell out of me.

I always used to feel small, stupid and insignificant when it came to money management, business budgeting or any of the stuff that had to do with money.

Can you recognize this pattern?

It’s like you know it is important, you know that if you want to have a successful business you MUST put attention on that side of business, but each time when you look at financial reports, cash flow charts it feels as if you’re reading a strange language. You can read the numbers, but have no clue what it means. Continue Reading →

Tips for Following Through

follow-throughDo you know what is the number one reason why people are not as successful as they could be?

It’s called – not following through….

Nothing you will do in your marketing will be successful if you don’t have a proper follow-up system.

Most women fail by thinking, that the old high-school system of keeping in touch, meaning, remembering to phone or send an email to remind prospects about previous phone call, or latest product/service will be qualified as an effective follow-up system.

A balanced follow-up program needs to be a SYSTEM, not just based on whether you remember to do things. It has to be planned and thought throughly. It should combine both phone and mail with a variety of information, which will give you a good starting point for each time you connect with your prospective clients. Continue Reading →