About Vered

Vered Neta is a trainer, coach and author helping small business owners and entrepreneurs creating personal, business and financial success.

She is the co-founder of Open Circles Academy, an international center for business, financial and personal success located in Amsterdam, the Netherland.

Open Circles Academy works from the vision of: “Creating a Better World by Empowering People to Fulfill Their Greatest Potential”

Since 1990, Vered taught more than 100,000 people the strategies and tools to grow their business, achieve personal success and create a balanced life by becoming financially free. Her long term goal is to support women on the path to become conscious millionaires and leaders in their field of expertise.

In 2010 Vered was awarded the  TIAW World of Difference Award, an award given to women whose efforts have advanced the economic empowerment of women locally, regionally or worldwide.

Vered wrote several books with her partner on motivation and relationships.

In 2010 her book: “Financial Independence for Women” was published.
She is now busy writing her next book on Feminine Leadership.

Vered lives with her partner, Nisandeh Neta, and their daughter Thom in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Her books and work have been recommended by top personal growth and success experts.

Here is what a few of them say about Vered and her work:

Charlyn belluzu“Vered Neta dispels the myth of the “damsel in distress” scenario and delivers the necessary tools to take charge of your financial destiny, no matter who or what comes into your life”
Dr. Charlyn Belluzzo, Author of “Authentic Living”

“Vered Neta honors your right to financial independence.
You deserve to control your destiny.
This book shows you how”
Mark Thompson – Author of “Success Built to Last”

Roy Martina“Vered’s book is timeless and priceless.
It gives valuable insight and the difference between risk taking and creating true financial freedom step by step”
Roy Martina, MD – Author of the bestseller “Emotional Balance”